SAN’s goals

  1. To organize professional development activities for both researchers and educators in neuroscience.
  2. To provide tools to facilitate neuroscience research and the installation of new groups and repatriation of scientists.
  3. To encourage the advancement of knowledge in neuroscience, promoting contact among scientists with diverse backgrounds and interests and from different regions of Argentina and Latin America. The growth of research on the brain and nervous system in our region is critical for building a critical mass of knowledge generating high quality basic science and its application to medicine.
  4. To strengthen neuroscience of Argentina in terms of international standards and collaboration.
  5. To promote education in neuroscience, providing suitable tools for educators.
  6. To spread throughout society members and the general public the latest scientific discoveries and its implications for basic knowledge, as well as for clinical medicine and ethics.
  7. To strengthen the general concept of a “Scientific Society” regarding its active role in addressing national science policy, working with the scientific agencies and institutions in our country.