How to Become a Member

Argentine researchers working on the different branches of Neurochemistry are welcome to become a SAN member and actively participate in SAN activities.

If you have decided to form part of our Society, please follow the steps below:

  1. Fill in the form “New Member / Non Re-Enrolled Member”.
  2. Send a presentation letter signed by a SAN member via e-mail to saneurociencias@gmail.com, certifying your membership to a research group working in Neuroscience. Wait for our confirmation to follow with step 3.
  3. Pay the annual fee either by bank transfer or in cash, by entering in:  “Fee Payment Terms”.

IMPORTANT: Fee payment is annual. Payment fulfillment is independent of whether or not you will attend SAN Annual Congress. In case of non-payment for one or more years, the non-paid fee/s will be accumulated as pending. 

If you want to cancel your membership, email us at: saneurociencias@gmail.com