27 de octubre de 2021

IBRO News flash – October


Two of IBRO’s most sought after funding programmes have been finalised by the participating Regional Committees for 2022.
IBRO-Dana Brain Awareness Week andGlobal Engagement Seed Grants.

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Regional activities and partnerships

  • Latin America (IBRO-LARC) is holding a webinar on Diversity and Inclusion,
  • Africa (IBRO-ARC) is sponsoring the 2021 SONA conference (Society of African Neuroscientists),
  • the US and Canada (IBRO-USCRC) is providing stipends for participation in the (INS) International Neuroethics Society’s annual meeting,
  • Europe (IBRO-PERC) is supporting the SENC (Spanish Society of Neuroscience) bi-annual meeting.
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This month, we’re featuring two researchers who have published papers with support from IBRO Grants, and who wanted us to know what a difference those grants made to them. Have you published a paper, organised an event, achieved something major you have been working towards with help from an IBRO Grant? Let us know more in an email: communications@ibro.org

Hanaa Malloul

Currently, a postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Tours, Dr. Hanaa Malloul’s research aims to provide new insights in understanding the neurobiological basis for solvent abuse-related disturbances.  “I am eager to put into practice all the newly gained knowledge and skills to promote Moroccan research not only in my homeland but in the whole of Africa also.” “I was awarded an 2019 IBRO-ARC bursary to conduct my research at the university of Turin. An IBRO fellowship supported me to publish my paper in Behavioral Brain Research! The paper* is online now and I’m so glad to share it with you.” * “Chronic thinner inhalation alters olfactory behaviors in adult mice”

Brahim Gargouri

The last decade has shed new light on the origin, characteristics, and functions of
microglia/macrophages, underlining the need for specific in vitro methodology to study these cells in details. However, unfortunately, this kind of reproductive technologies and expertise are lacking currently in the Tunisian research laboratories. In order to tackle this complex challenge to promote national research capacity, Dr. Brahim Gargouri’s project aims to establish in vitro Neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Brahim Gargouri’s recently published research paper was partly supported by the IBRO Return Home Fellowship Award. You can read more on page 13 of “Subacute silica nanoparticle exposure induced oxidative stress and inflammation in rat hippocampus combined with disruption of cholinergic system and behavioral functions

Map of lesions

Gianluca Saetta is the author of the latest cover of Neuroscience, which shows a map of large right-sided lesions of both cortical and subcortical gray and white matter in an individual with somatoparaphrenia. For further information, see article in this issue by G. Saetta et al. / Neuroscience 476 (2021) 21–33. Trending: the most downloaded Neuroscience article at the moment is Functional Ultrasound Imaging: A New Imaging Modality for Neuroscience(Open Access) by Thomas Deffieux, Charlie Demené, Mickael Tanter

Open Access

The next issue of our open access journal IBRO Neuroscience Reports will be published in December.  The latest article is Reversal of motor-skill transfer impairment by trihexyphenidyl and reduction of dorsolateral striatal cholinergic interneurons in Dyt1 ΔGAG knock-in miceby Fumiaki Yokoi, Mai Tu Dang, Lin Zhang, Kelly M. Dexter, … Yuqing Li All articles are fully accessible online, and you can sign up to receive an alert when new articles are published.

IBRO Governance Update

Regional Committees 2022

The Governing Council of IBRO has confirmed the composition of its Regional Committees
for the next year. “The highly diverse composition of the 2022 committee represents new opportunities for IBRO to engage with more networks of scientists and to explore different avenues to implement our mission.”

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