31 de octubre de 2016

Latin American Training Program – Call

2017 Call for Applications Opens October 31


The Latin American Training Program (LATP) supports the professional and scientific development of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are citizens or permanent residents of a Latin American or Caribbean country.


All eligible applicants will be invited to become LTP Associates and will gain access to an online community of peers and faculty in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as webinars, live chat opportunities, and a library of educational resources.


Fifteen trainees will also be selected to participate in a three-week course at the Universidad de Valle, Colombia form March 20 to April 9, 2017.


The course “Signal processing : from single molecules to brain circuits”- will bring together top faculty from across the region and the world to provide participants with high- quality lectures, lab exercises, and training on vital professional development topics.



Purposes of the Course


The Course will have three intertwined purposes. The first purpose is descriptive: to analyze the physical and chemical nature of elementary neuronal signals, as well as of the combination of such signals in increasingly complex structures. A second purpose is methodological: to demonstrate up-to-date techniques allowing the study of neuronal signaling so that Fellows will be able to understand the relevant literature and to start developing projects when returning to their home laboratory. A third purpose is conceptual: to understand how signals are elaborated, propagated and integrated in the nervous system, and how these processes shape animal behavior. These purposes will be pursued in the study of select cases, where each example will be examined rather thoroughly, without aiming at an exhaustive survey of the many forms of neuronal signaling.



Course Director: Isabel Llano,  Co-director: Leonardo Fierro


Invited speakers and partcipating local faculty:


Ricardo Araneda (University of Maryland, USA)

Juan Bacigalupo (Universidad de Chile, Chile)

Efraín Buriticá  (Universidad del Valle, Colombia)

Francisco Bezanilla (Chicago University, USA)

Santiago Castaño (Universidad del Valle, Colombia)

Barbara Ehrlich (Yale University, USA)

Leonardo Fierro (Universidad del Valle, Colombia)

Maria del Pilar Gómez (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia)

Arthur Konnerth (Technical University of Munich, Germany)

Isabel Llano (University of Paris, CNRS, France)

Rodolfo Llinás (New York University, USA)

Alain Marty (University of Paris, CNRS, France)

Herman Moreno (SUNY Downstate Medical Center , USA)

Enrico Nasi (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia)

Erwin Neher (Max-Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany)

Diego Restrepo (University of Colorado, USA)

Ernesto Restrepo  (Uppsala University, Sweden)

Ranulfo Romo (Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico)

Osvaldo Uchitel (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Walter Stühmer  (Max-Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine, Germany)


Special lectures and round tables on financing research with the partcipation of Edwin McCleskey (Howard Hughes Foundation) and Ricardo Dolmetsch (Novartis)





Questions? Email: globalaffairs@sfn.org

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