31 de julio de 2015



University of Heidelberg

We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow with an interest in sensory neuroscience and expertise in electrophysiological recording techniques. We are studying molecular mechanisms of sensory neurons that enable us to detect -and modulate- painful stimuli. We recently developed a protocol to generate sensory neurons from human embryonic stem (hES-) cells and hiPS cells. We now want to use this new model system to study sensory processes with a particular emphasis on mechanical stimuli. A second goal is to gain mechanistic insight into nociceptor sensitization by the capsaicin receptor TRPV1 in the context of inflammatory stimuli. We are particularly interested in identifying and characterizing mechanisms that inhibit and counteract nociceptor sensitization. Recent relevant publications: • Nature Neuroscience, 2015; 18: 10-16 • Cell, 2015; 160: 759-770 For more information see: http://www.siemenslab.de/ The position will initially be for 2 years with the possibility of extension. Starting date: between now and the end of 2015. Interested candidates should send their CV, research interests and names of 2-3 referees to: jan.siemens@pharma.uni-heidelberg.de

Postdoc-position_Jan Siemens_University of Heidelberg

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