13 de noviembre de 2018

First Public Neuroscience Communication Conferences “Neuroscience for curious people”

On Tuesday, October 23rd, two free of charge and admission conferences were addressed to the public within the framework of the XXXIII Annual Meeting of the Argentine Society of Research in Neurosciences (SAN). More than one hundred people participated, which showed a wide interest in the topics addressed through questions and comments that led to a dynamic interaction with the speakers.


MendizabalFirst, Dr. Victoria Mendizábal (FCC-UNC) spoke about “Stories about gender and drugs: science, communication and culture“, where she described the lack of knowledge at the level of scientific research about the different effects exerted by drugs of abuse in both sexes.


BallariniSubsequently, Dr. Fabricio Ballarini (IBCN-CONICET-UBA) in his talk “How to hack the mind“, showed how learning in school can be improved using novel tools provided by neuroscience research.



At the break between both talks, prizes were awarded to the photographs that participated in “NeuroZoom“, the First Photographic Contest for the Public Communication of Neurosciences, coordinated by Dr. Anabela Palandri.

The winning photos of the Micro category were:

 First Prize: “The dark side of light” by Manuel Gastón Bruera, Mercedes Benedetto and María Ana Contin (CIQUIBIC-CONICET-UNC)

Second Prize: “Microcosmos“, by Cindy Olmos (National University of Colombia)


The winning photos of the Macro category were:

 First Prize: “Microscope SANdy Warhol“, by Soledad de Olmos (INIMEC-CONICET-UNC)

Second Prize: “InFocus“, by Camila Scorticati (IIB-INTECH-CONICET-UNSAM).


Dr. Alberto Diaz Añel




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